A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

The whole "cablegate" and WikiLeaks drama has got to stop

Dear WikiLeaks Supporters,

Okay, we get it.  You're pissed that the government is trying to prevent the release of private documents that WikiLeaks has no business releasing.  We get the fact that you think that information is vital and needs to be released.  We get the fact that you're upset because *gasp* the government wants to hold someone responsible for taking information that wasn't theirs to begin with and releasing it to the public.

I DON'T FUCKING CARE!  I don't care who releases what, who objects to what, or if any of this really embarrasses anyone (and I don't think it will...let's be serious here folks.  Those uber secret documents?  Were probably all over the desks of other ambassadors and intelligence agencies long before WikiLeaks got them.)  The WikiLeaks founder is in jail because of a completely unrelated crime.  I don't hold with the conspiracy theory that these are trumped up charges to pigeonhole him until someone can figure out how to bring him up on more serious charges related to the WikiLeaks thing.

These denial of service attacks that some of you are performing to "prove your point"?  They're going to have the OPPOSITE effect that you want.  You want the internet to stay free and independent?  Then stop with the attacks.  You're GIVING THE GOVERNMENT AMMUNITION.  They're going to start pushing for tighter regulations on the internet now just to prevent another denial of service attack from taking down a major corporation's servers.  What happens then?  Tighter restrictions on downloads (not that they aren't already stifling as it is).  Preferred service packages that were shot down earlier this year.  The blacklist that we so recently got rid of?  It'll be back.

And you know what?  Because of you fucktards swearing this is a "data war" and you want all information to be free and easy to access?  THE FUCKING GOVERNMENTS ARE GOING TO GET THEIR WAY.

Please use those brains you've got for something other than hair growth and bleating uselessly about "freedom of information".  All you're doing is denying other people the same right to enjoy that freedom.

No love,

P.S. To the various Facebook pages supporting Julian Assange and WikiLeaks....NO I WILL NOT SIGN YOUR PETITION/LIKE YOU/FRIEND YOU.  I think the vast majority of you are MORONS.

P.P.S. To those of my friends on Twitter and Facebook who support this whole thing, I don't think YOU'RE morons.  I think the people who started this whole mess are.  I also think it just needs to be dropped from our tweets and our Facebook pages because this is a battle that should never have been taken to the public forums in the first place.  If you continue to tweet about it or post to FB about it, I won't do something juvenile like block you.  I'll just do what a reasonable person would do and ignore that particular tweet/post.  But can we please do with a little less of the WikiLeaks stuff?  Please?

P.P.P.S. To the rest of you media moguls out there who are capitalizing on this, shut the fuck up and let us all get back to our daily doses of conspiracy theories and bemoaning the fate of the economy.  I know I'd prefer that to all this WikiLeaks shit.

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