A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
Nature brings magic

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday 'fess up...a.k.a Anni's NOT in trouble this week YAY!

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone.  This week has been a lot better in terms of writing.

First, ONLY A NAME has gotten some serious love this week.  I wrote out a torture scene to bring home the kind of conflict that is plaguing Sorcha and her friends.  It's the whole reason why they're homeless and what motivates them to do what they do.  I edited out the prologue because it gives away part of the "big secret".  I adjusted the beginning to once again play up the violence of the world that Sorcha lives in and how it's personally effected her.  I've tightened up a couple scenes at the beginning and now it's flowing a lot better.

Second, while I haven't been tweeting much in the way of positive stuff - though I've gotten a few tweets in there - I am posting a "Happy thought of the day" to my personal Facebook page.  I'm going to try to incorporate that next week into my tweets too, so if you see a hashtag that says #HTOTD that's what it's about.

Third, I'm thinking that I might get ONE of the seasonal pieces written.  And it's not going to be a Christmas story per se, but it will deal with winter and finding hope when you think there is none.  It's also not in Aleran but dealing with one of the characters in one of my UF stories.

Fourth, in order to show that I am following through with my goals I came up with another method for accountability.  I'm going to post once a week (unless reality leaps up and swallows me whole......again) to a WordPress page I set up specifically for my writing.  In fact, I've got a short bit already posted as my first post there.

Chronicles of the Fallen

Fifth, I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to everyone who's encouraging me, supporting me, and helping me in this.  As I've stated before, this time of year hasn't been a good one for the last few years and all of you are making it better for me.  I really do appreciate it and one of these days, when things are better, I might just surprise you all with some cool and awesome handmade gift or something.  :)

That's it for this weekly update.  Catch you next week for the next episode of "Sunday 'fess up".


  1. *BRAVO*

    I am VERY PROUD of you!

    Just so you know, I hate "GLUTMOUS" (just learned that today, from another blog, pretty cool, eh?) I refuse to participate in any of the ridiculousness. I prefer to buy gifts, etc. for the people in my life all year round when it is appropriate, not EXPECTED. Oh, and I am *HAPPY* to hang out in my house for most of the month of DECEMBER to avoid it, because my home is where my $$$ goes.

    Keep up the great work.
    *BIG HUG*

  2. Yay, nagging works! ^__^

    Well done!