A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
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Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Maundering - Another political rant

Himself brought something to my attention this past week that irritated the crap out of me. President Obama made a speech about how the Republicans are focusing on "phony scandals" rather than on the economy like they should. He says he's trying to help the middle class.

The middle class is muddling along as best as it can right now. They aren't as eager to spend and they have to pay higher taxes. So do we all. But the middle class isn't hurting near as bad as those of us who don't fit into the middle class mold. We are the poor, and I say to Mr. Obama...what about us?

Medicaid is supposed to be there to help families in need. Yet I can't get it because I make $58 too much to qualify for it in my state. There are no "free medical programs" to help me. I'm not poor enough (aka homeless and living on the streets) for the medical programs that are set up for indigent people. But I can't afford insurance. What happens in January when there's a fine for those of us who don't purchase insurance. I say, Mr. Obama, how am I supposed to afford insurance when I can barely afford the bills I have now? And you're going to penalize me by fining me because I don't have the money for insurance?

What about those people who are self-employed and don't have insurance because they've got a small income coming in? Why are they going to be penalized and probably forced to give up their businesses to get a corporate job just to satisfy the law in the Affordable Care Act that says people need to purchase insurance or get on Medicaid? Why isn't there a provision in there for the working poor who make too much money to get on Medicaid but too little to afford insurance?

I've heard people say the economy is getting better. Not from where I'm sitting. The unemployment rates are down. Not because people are finding jobs. Unemployment rates are down because people are dropping off unemployment because they've been on it too long or they've given up on finding a job and had their unemployment cut. I'm sure there are those out there who've found jobs but where's the numbers on those that have given up finding work to either go into business for themselves (and aren't making any money yet) and those that have been cut off because they've given up or run out of time on their unemployment? Where's the numbers on those who aren't working but aren't collecting unemployment? I'd like to see that factored in as well into our so called economic uprise. I think we'd be surprised by just how many people there are who aren't collecting unemployment but also aren't making any money.

Where is the economic stimulus for the lower class? Or would it be better if we all quietly faded away into nothingness? But if we did that, who would there be to do the grunt labor, the nastiest of the jobs, the things no one else wants to do? Who would there be to pick up the slack when the middle and upper classes don't want to do things? That's what we do. And that's why it is our class, and not the middle class, that needs more support and help.

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