A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
Nature brings magic

Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for April 1st

It's April 1st.  Most people celebrate April Fool's Day.  I don't.  I celebrate my younger sister's birthday.

Let me tell you a little bit about Maegan.  My little sister was born a month and a half early.  The umbilical cord disconnected and was wrapped around her neck.  She was starving to death and being choked to death by the very thing that was supposed to keep her alive.  The doctors induced my mom early in order to save Maegan's life.

My little sister is not a normal woman.  She's 32 as of today but her mind is forever trapped at the stage of a 3-4 year old child.  She's a sweet and loving woman who will never be able to take care of herself.  She has to be told to do the simplest of things.  But she's willing to try and loves everyone.

My little sister is actually a good 3-4 inches taller than me.  She's a natural red head (where mine comes from a dye bottle).  She has a ton of freckles and wears glasses like everybody else in my family.  She loves rainbows and hot air balloons.  She's scared of dogs but loves cats.  She can't read but loves looking at picture books and tells anyone who'll listen the story that she sees in the pictures.

My sister loves to color and has a lot of coloring books.  She prefers books that let her color things like birds, flowers, and natural scenes.  My little sister loves camping, hiking, fishing, and going on picnics.  She always wants to "go, go, go" and is up for a trip anywhere (except to the doctor...she hates doctors as much as I do).

My sister is very unusual and isn't a woman that most people know how to deal with.  She's been subjected to a number of cruel comments and some rather nasty minded tricks by people who just want to hurt her.  She's been treated like crap by people at stores because she talks strangely and isn't completely "all there" most of the time. She writes like a kindergarten kid and sometimes has problems spelling her own name, and people get very frustrated with her.

On the whole, though, Maegan is an independent person who doesn't let her disability keep her from enjoying life.  So today,  I wish my beautiful and charming little sister a very happy birthday.


  1. And happy birthday from me too. She sounds lovely.

  2. What a lovely posting about your sister. She may have been dealt a bad hand since birth, but she lucked out in getting the sister she has in you.

    Great start!


  3. Thank you for posting this. It was very kind of you to focus on your sister.:) Hope you and your sis do something wonderful for her big day!

  4. I think all writers struggle with confidence in their writing (I know I do), but the thing I try to accept is that I can always improve, it's fun, and the novel won't write itself. Good luck with your writing!

  5. Happy Birthday to your wonderful sister!

  6. Hey Annikka ~~ I found your link on the list . A heart-warming first post !
    Your sister is obviously very special ~ she sounds like a very happy person . It's a known fact that people in her condition have a deep and amazing capacity for love .
    Enjoy the rest of the challenge !!


  7. Annika, this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your sister with me. I have a cousin who, in his 50s, is still a 4 year old. I love him more than anyone in my family. On holidays, he always gets a toy, and we play with it all day. His presence makes my life better. I'm sending a virtual birthday hug to your sister.
    I found you on the list for the blogfest and was enchanted by the name of your blog. I'm now following you. Please visit mine if you get a second.

  8. p.s. Sorry, in the thinking about your sister and my cousin, I forgot to attach the link to my blog!

  9. What a wonderful post and what an amazing sister you are! Maegan is lucky to have you.

  10. What a beautiful post about your sister. I hope she has a lovely birthday!

    I'm now following, and I can't wait to see what other A-Z entries you have for us.


  11. Hurray I'm first! And hurray for Maegan and birthdays! Happy blogging, fellow a-zer!


  12. Wow. We could all learn a thing or two from Maegan. I'm glad to hear the criticisms she's gotten over the years hasn't stopped her from living her life to the fullest.

  13. I've never known anyone born on April Fools day. Christmas, yes. The women were named Noel. Go figure. I've even known people born on Leap Year. New Years Day. And pretty much all the other holidays. But not April 1st. Thanks for introducing us to Maegan.

  14. A very happy birthday to your sister. Such a lovely post :)

  15. Happy birthday to Maegan! People can be cruel and callous. Sorry for that.....

    I like to color and read picture books, but I don't like camping or fishing! And I'm way grown up :) A lot of us 'regular' people have more in common with her than anyone else might think.

  16. a belated happy birthday to your sister - she sounds nice - I have disabled sister although in a different way and have fended of the nastiness of others for her - it's fear and ignorance most times - not understanding 'other' - all the best for your blogging - I have been only blogging for a year and suddenly this last few months people have started following - it will happen to you - I have a seperate blog for books I like rather for reveiw - have to say like you little slack there - anyway look foward to meeting you again- keep smiling

  17. I'm popping in on your blog from the a-z challenge. I hope your sister had a very happy birthday, and I thought this was a wonderful post about her.