A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
Nature brings magic

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday 'fess up...Anni's done with round two

That's right!  Round two revisions on Only A Name are DONE!  A bunch of scenes rewritten.  Some new ones added in that I'll be going over in round three.  But I'm proud to say that I'm making progress with it.  Now this does leave me in a quandary about what I'm going to work on while I let it sit for a few weeks.  But I've got so many projects and ideas I'll find something to work on during that time.

Himself will be leaving at the end of May or beginning of June to start his new job in California.  I'll admit that now I'm starting to get the stomach aches from worry and the paranoia is setting in.  I'm trying to ignore it so I don't bring him down.  He's so excited about this opportunity and I am NOT going to screw it up for him.  Besides, I need him to start work so we can get caught up on our bills.

No vlog this week.  Himself has been on the iMac constantly over the last few days.  The web cam on Monstrosity won't work.  It's very poor quality video and I'm not going to subject you guys to that.  I'll be back online for the vlog next week, even if I have to randomly do it in the middle of the week and upload it then.  We'll see what happens there.

Tomorrow I start my training for customer service.  At 9 AM.  I am NOT a morning person and I'm used to working nights.  This should be an interesting change.  I've heard they're a lot tougher on the agents in customer service, but honestly?  I don't care.  With all the changes going on in the collections side of the business, I'll be dealing with a lot less stress down in customer service.

No vlog, but still some music videos for fun.

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  1. Hollah! Anni! I am so sorry I am SO SO SO behind on your posts! I hope you will forgive me!

    Congrats on round two! Super proud of you. And, I am assuming your new gig is better, yes?

    *hands on hips*

    I need to investigate, but does this mean your husband has a job in CA? ARE YOU GONNA MOVE THERE? I hope, hope, hope so! I am moving back to SD at the end of the month!

    Maybe you can transfer your job? That would be awesome!

    Yes, I know. I need to catch up...I am behind.

    With loads of love and hugs, my friend!