A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
Nature brings magic

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Travel - Kuna, ID

Kuna, Idaho.

Kuna is a small town. As of 2010 the census has it standing at 15,210. It is only 17 miles from Boise, so most of the residents commute into town to work. There are some wonderful small businesses in Kuna, and the people who live there are rather proud of their small town.

One of Kuna's main attractions is actually south of the city, the Kuna Caves. The Kuna Caves are an underground lava flow cave. People explore them on a regular basis. Indian Creek runs right through town. It's a great seasonal waterway and is a favorite with locals for swimming.

Kuna originated as a railroad stop with coach transport to Boise. It is popularly believed, as cited by the Kuna Chamber of Commerce, that the translation of the name "Kuna" means "the end of the trail", but Charles S. Walgamott cites the origin of the name as a Shoshone Indian word meaning "green leaf, good to smoke".

Kuna has a large park and is not far off from the Snake River Birds of Prey Wildlife Preserve. You go just a little ways out side the city and you get to a sheer drop off and a magnificent view of the Snake River.

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