A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
Nature brings magic

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Travel - Boise, Idaho

Welcome to Boise, the City of Trees. My hometown and one of the prettiest cities in Idaho...at least, I think so.

Boise is situated in Ada County and has a population of over 210,000 people. We're not a large city by the standards of the metro areas of Seattle, Portland, and New York City, but we're big enough to suit us. We're large enough to have the amenities of a large city, but small enough to still have something of that small town feel when you visit.

Boise has several parks. You have Julia Davis Park, Ann Morrison Park, Katherine Albertson Park, Barber Park, Camel Back Park, and as you get up above us you've got Discovery Park and Lucky Peak Reservoir. The city is full of trees and the Boise River runs right through downtown, so walking on the Greenbelt which leads you over and around and through many of the parks is a pleasure in the greener months.

Another landmark for Boise is our BSU football stadium. If you watch college football you'll know that the Boise State Broncos have had a good showing these past few years. Here is the "Smurf Turf" that is our home field. It's done in the school colors of blue and orange and is recognizable by anyone who's seen the Broncos play. Some people find it a little embarrassing. I find it amusing.

Boise downtown, or BoDo as it's now called, is where the action is. Clubs, restaurants, businesses. You name it, it's downtown. We also have historical districts where small businesses thrive. The most popular historical district in town is Hyde Park. It's a beautiful collection of houses and small businesses and the people in the area are very proud of their part of town.

In Boise, you can go fishing, hiking, and biking all within the city limits. There are a number of beautiful spots around this city where you can go camping. Boise is a phenomenal city and one well worth visiting if you ever come to Idaho.

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