A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
Nature brings magic

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Little Serafina finds out more about real life

Before she became Nariel, Serafina was a child on the run.

 “We're all runaways,” Helena said. “It would look pretty strange if we started showing up with money to get an apartment.”
I can't get us an apartment but I might be able to get us enough money to buy food,” Serafina said. “I don't take much because my teacher says I shouldn't be greedy. But I've bought food for my family when my parents spent all of their money on drugs. I don't think they even noticed.”
How did you do it?” Helena asked.
I moved the money into an account under a false name and purchased the food through it,” Serafina said. “I only keep the name I make up for a few thefts. Then I drop it and move into something else.”
We won't be able to get food without an apartment,” Benaiah said. “Don't they deliver it?”
You can go to the store and buy it,” Helena said.
None of us are safe doing that,” Benaiah said. “Or have you forgotten why we're all here?”
We're all dodging the indent acquisitors,” Jannika said, as she saw the curious look on Serafina's face. “Either our parents tried to sell us, or they got acquired and they were going to take us as well.”
Your friend most definitely can't go out,” Helena said. “She's too new for them. They'll remember her face.”
Not to mention that for that sum of money, especially if they do drugs, her parents will be actively hunting for her,” Benaiah said.
Guess you're stuck in here for a while,” Jannika said.
You don't look well fed and your clothes are pretty worn. When we do let you out, that'll be a good thing,” Helena said. “I'll have Jannika teach you when it's safer for you to go out how to beg, who to beg from, and a better way to steal.”

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