A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
Nature brings magic

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fury snippet

Right now this is the prologue for Fury. I thought I'd share, to give you an idea where the story comes from.

In 2119, the Earth was no longer able to support human life. War, global warming, pollution, and the stripping of the planet for resources rendered it unlivable. In desperation, the survivors of the human race took to the stars, leaving behind their dying world.
It took five space bound generations before the ships came to a binary star system with multiple inhabitable planets. The first world that they found became their new home. But some things never change.
Like before, humans began stripping it of resources. Animals were hunted both for food and for sport. Stands of great tree-like things were cut away to make room for people, killing plants whose use they didn't even try to ascertain. Those who studied the histories protested and in the end they won. The world was allowed to recover as the humans moved on, forced by their own vanity to live a simpler life.
Over time, technology advanced and things changed once more. Sprawling cities spread across the new planet and the wild areas were kept as nature preserves as human society grew around them. People returned to the first world and did the same. Then came a third world. Then a fourth.
As the population grew and more planets were settled, an assembly was created to help govern the worlds. Laws were made. Trade routes were established. Technological advances were shared and soon there was little of the natural world left on these worlds. That which was left was exploited as places only the elite could go.
Eight hundred years after the humans first came to the system, a small group of people grew discontent with their lives so dependent on technology and the inability to be a part of the natural world. They were sick of the constant drain and wanted a simpler way of living. So they left the technology behind and moved well outside the borders of the central worlds. Others joined them and the first of the colonies were formed.
The central worlds were determined to force them to rejoin, to gain access to the rich worlds now in the hands of the colonists. They sent representatives out to negotiate the incorporation of these worlds into the assembly. Though they were phrased as requests, the command in them was very obvious. The colonists refused and drove the representatives off their planets.
This did not sit well with those in the core and they began harassing the colonies. The assembly thought the constant pressure on those populating the Duyelia sector would force them to give in. They searched every ship coming in thoroughly, often detaining pilots and crew for long periods of time. They seized cargoes claiming they were the spoils of war. The colonists followed their example. The assembly was forced to step back and trade resumed between the two sides. Things remained tense and pockets of violence still existed.
Two hundred years after the colonies were settled, the central worlds assembly declared their autonomy to be against the law and formed a fleet to take control. The colonists were ready for them and a vicious battle ensued in the sky and on the ground of a planet called Icrtara.
In the end, the central world fleet was sent back to lick their wounds. Their losses were great and they limped home with only half of what they arrived with. The colonies weren't unaffected by the battles either. More than half of the planetary populations were dead.

New trade agreements were reached with some of the planets in the technological heart of space and fresh food, handmade fabric, and custom made parts for ships and skimmers were sent into the core. Both sides flourished. But the peace was illusory and both sides watched the other carefully, waiting for a new declaration of war.

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