A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
Nature brings magic

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Adina's punishment and Ceinwen's pain

In my Beauty and the Beast retelling, Ceinwen - my Beauty - is not beautiful after an event that carries her and her family far from their home.
A small whimper to her left drew her attention to the stairs. The light from the flickering candle fell on a bloody, mangled body lying on the steps. For a moment, Adina was reminded of a doll lying broken and discarded on the nursery floor. She let out a strangled cry and knelt at Ceinwen's side.
“Mother?” Baldric called.
“Stay with the others,” Adina said again. She pulled her scarf off and carefully wiped the blood off Ceinwen's face. Ceinwen whimpered again. “It's all right, kitten. Mama's here.”
The entire right side of Ceinwen's upper body and face were torn, like she'd been raked by the claws of a wild beast. Her eyes were open but her pupils were mere pinpricks in a sea of green. Adina reached again for her magic. It refused to come. There was nothing left.
Adina lifted her injured daughter into her arms. She carried her into the room where the other children were waiting. “What's happened?” Baldric asked.
“The gods have abandoned me,” Adina said. “My magic is spent and Ceinwen – Ceinwen is hurt.”
Baldric winced as he saw the blood. Ronen stumbled over to his mother. He tugged on his sister's uninjured hand but she didn't respond. “Ronen, leave her be,” Baldric said. “Mother, what are we going to do now?”
“I've got what I need to tend to Ceinwen for now,” Adina said. “I brought supplies to last us a week. That's how long the spells preventing the detection of our presence will last.”
“I can slip out and see where we are,” Baldric said. “Maybe see if what happened in the valley has made it this far south."
Adina nodded. “I'll have you go out tomorrow. Today, I need you to help me with the others.”

 Baldric kept the other three from disturbing Ceinwen while Adina made up a potion for pain. She made Ceinwen drink the medicine first. She cleaned the wounds with water from a hand pump in the kitchen. Clean strips of linen were wrapped around Ceinwen's head, neck, and arm, leaving only her nose and mouth free.

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