A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Podcast review for KUEC

Podcasts. Podcasts are fun. Podcasts can be informational, entertaining, or a combination of the two. I listen to a few podcasts from NPR, TED Talks, and my favorite KUEC. KUEC stands for Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap.

Let me explain what Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap is. Kevin Sonney and the rather well known artist Ursula Vernon (if you have kids you've probably seen the Dragonbreath books, a web comic named Digger, and many pictures on DeviantArt. You can also find many of her books and works on Amazon here.) What they do is review convenience foods and other things like chips, dried squid, and foods of dubious content.

This is not a podcast for children. It's not really one for teens either. They talk about adult things and swear. A lot of their commentary is enough to make even me laugh, and I don't laugh at much at all. There is always the chance of a beagle baying in the background, cats loving up against the microphone or demanding attention, and a couple who try to steal the food as they go.

They're up to 142 actual episodes and they have several travel interludes because of Ursula's popularity at cons. Kevin also works security at some and also has a job that carries him out of town so there are times where they'll skip a week or two.

If you can handle adult humor, talk about things that are sometimes inappropriate, and can deal with the occasional use of swear words, I do recommend it. You can find KUEC here. All of the archives are there back to the very first episode. Over the almost four years they've been doing this, the episodes have gotten longer and the reviews have gotten funnier. I hope, if you go find it, you get as much pleasure from it as I do.

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