A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Moving Adventures, Part Two

Moving is always high stress, but it got worse when Himself told Crazy she wasn't getting rent because we needed to pay our rent/deposit for our new place. We'd already given her our promised that we were getting out as soon as possible, so it wasn't as if she didn't know.

Instead of accepting things and wishing us well, she lost her mind. She swore at Himself and told us we had to be out by Friday at 4. The day she told us was Wednesday night. We'd started packing but we weren't even close to being done.

Himself got angry and started looking up the Fair Housing Act while I went through a few boxes in the closet and started getting things set aside that we weren't going to take with us. After Himself finished reading up on things, he came over and started helping me. We worked late into the night, often running out to the garage grabbing boxes.

The next day we pushed things into overdrive. We shoved things in boxes. We loaded things into our laundry basket. We did laundry to catch up on things. We scrubbed the bathroom down so she couldn't say we left it trashed. We packed and packed.

When we took a break from packing, we loaded some boxes into the car and brought them up to the house. We stopped and with a little money I'd been given for just this purpose, we grabbed some food (foot long Subway sandwiches which we split into two meals each) and got back to packing. We each took a break for a little bit and played around on our computers. Then we got back to work. We took another little break and got rid of the things we weren't going to keep.

Friday came. We started early. We shoved boxes into the car and brought them to the new house. We went back to our old place and loaded the car again. We dropped off a third load at the house. The fourth load got shoved into the car. We stopped to get something to eat and then went to Himself's friends to see if we could get some help moving our furniture and the last few things we needed to get moved. They contacted a friend of their's and got us a truck.

We got the last of our things out of the room. Before we went anywhere Himself vacuumed the room. We got Reidar into his carrier and headed out for the last time. We stopped to give Nice our house keys. He wished us well and we said goodbye to their son. Then we left them behind.

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