A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
Nature brings magic

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Moving Adventures, Part Three

We got into the house and began the arduous process of getting settled. The previous tenant had left a pile of trash in the bottom of the closet. We carried it out and threw it away. We moved boxes into the closet so we had room to get the furniture in place. The bed, Himself's computer desk, the bookshelf, and our small fridge got moved around until they were where we wanted them. Then we started emptying boxes.

We got two boxes emptied before we shoved everything back in the closet and collapsed. Himself at his computer and me on the bed. He got online. I tried to edit but was so tired I just went to bed. He didn't stay up too much later because he was as exhausted as I was.

The one concern I had, and continued to have over the weekend, was Reidar. I let him out of his carrier and he dove into the closet. We weren't able to get him out at all until Friday night. He came out to use the litter box and then ran back to the closet. I don't think he ate anything. Saturday he came out a couple times during the day to use the litter box but still didn't stay out long and as far as I could see didn't eat anything. This worried me.

Saturday night he came out and actually stayed with Himself and me as we played Fluxx. He curled up on me and started purring though his tail was still twitching madly, which showed his fear and agitation. When we started packing up the game, he hopped off of me and jumped over Himself. He found his food and I think he took a few mouthfuls and got a drink of water before running into the closet. He found a new perch. He settled in on a pile of boxes on top of the quilt.

Sunday night, as we were getting ready for bed, he came out of the closet. He actually stayed around long enough to roughhouse with Himself, get petted by me, knead my back for a bit while I was on my stomach, and get a few mouthfuls of food. He still ran back to his perch after a while and resumed hiding.

On Monday afternoon, he came out again. He looked out the window and came up for some attention. He ate a little bit and got a drink. Then he tried to bury his bowl, which is something normal for him. He stayed out watching things for a while. Then he went back into the closet.

A couple hours later he returned. He came up for some petting and then wandered off. He reared up on his hind legs to peer out the window. He went over to take a few more bites of food. Then he went over to the window again. He tried twice to jump up on the window sill and fell off both times.

By Wednesday he was out more frequently. He finally ate all the food in his bowl from the first filling so I refilled it along with his water. He's spent some time on the window sill, which he's figured out how to get onto. He's coming over for petting and loving. He still resides in the closet and I'm sure he will even after we empty it because there's no real place for him to settle down in here. But he's getting used to our new home.

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