A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Mancode: Exposed and A Walk in the Snark by Rachel Thompson

I was looking through my book collection for something a little different from my usual epic fantasy and sci fi reads when I found Rachel Thompson's books The Mancode: Exposed and A Walk in the Snark. I've read both of these books before, but I don't believe I've reviewed them. So I thought I'd write up a quick review about the two rather entertaining books.

The books are a series of essays written by Ms. Thompson (@RachelintheOC, @BadRedheadMedia) based on her observations of how silly some of the things both men and women do are. These days she writes some more serious articles, but she still posts some humorous things here on her website.

In A Walk in the Snark, Rachel deviates from her humorous essays occasionally with poignant discussions of a tragic event in her life. She talks about mistakes she made and how they affected her life. She also discusses her children. One of my favorite stories is the one about the head lice.

In The Mancode: Exposed she spends more time on the humor. I can't tell you which one of the essays from this book is my favorite. They're all great.

One thing Rachel does, which I absolutely love, is she has transformed her popularity from her books and her blog into a successful career as a social media consultant. She often posts advice on her blog. She'll tweet and retweet links to blog posts and essays on social media. Her whole business, Bad Redhead Media, is based on her belief that Indie authors need to build a platform on social media and she's there to help them. Her rates seem reasonable to me, and she obviously knows what she's talking about with how successful she's been.

I have a third book of Rachel's, her newest one Broken Pieces. This one isn't supposed to be funny and as of yet I haven't managed to read it but I have it on my TBR list for reading it soon. I know it'll be well written as Rachel's talent shines in her writing.

You can purchase A Walk in the Snark here and The Mancode: Exposed here.

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