A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
Nature brings magic

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Writing Wednesday - Introducing Captain Eve Marcori

Welcome once again to Writing Wednesday!  This week, I've enlisted a member of her crew to bring us a most enigmatic woman for our interview.  *looks around impatiently*  I told Mikey to bring her here.  Where is he?

*door opens and three people come staggering in*

--Mikey, there you are.  What the hell?

Mikey: Heyla. Got the Bitch here, but she's a mite drunk. Sorry 'bout that.
Marcori: Where's the Marines?
Whizz: I want to state for the recording that I had no idea this was going to happen, and I'm only staying to prevent the captain from...from saying anything she'll later kill me for letting her say.

--Captain Marcori, I notice you brought some friends with you.  How did you meet them?

Marcori: Marines.
Whizz: Actually we met in a barfight after we'd both left the Corps.
Mikey: Met t' Bitch in Basic. She kicked my ass first day. Bit me too.

--So, Captain, what made you decide to join the Marines in the first place?

Marcori: Needed money--I couldn't steal enough to keep Kentaro safe. Could've joined a House gang, but they mostly end up dead. Marines was the only ones ever won anything in Kari's Port.

--When you rescued Rafe, what was going through your mind?

Marcori: Booze.
Mikey: Ye're lyin, Bitch. Ye was the only Marine sober.
Marcori: Yeah, and I was wishin' I wasn't! Sooner I got rid of the fluff, sooner I could get to the drinking. Then the damned bug-out sounded, and I was stuck with him.
Mikey: Bitch here's the only Marine ever to whine about havin' t' keep a pretty in her bed.
Whizz: I think I should point out that the captain doesn't actually drink much. It's very rare for her to--
Marcori: Y'all need too damned much babysitting, that's why. I get drunk, one of you'll manage to get dead.

--When you had to face your court martial, were you sorry you'd made the decisions you did?

Mikey: Ha! Bitch don't regret nothing. 'Cept that bet with Birdie.
Eve: Knew damned well stealing that ship would get me court-martialed. How'm I gonna whine that's what happened?
Whizz: Captain Marcori always does the right thing, no matter wh--
Eve: What the hell do you know? Weren't even born yet.
Mikey: Yeah he was. Still chasing the goats 'round the farm, though.

--What's it like being the captain of your own ship?

Marcori: Ship's fine. Crew's a pain in the ass.
Mikey: Love ye too, Bitch.

--You still have a tendency to rescue people.  Is there something specific about them that makes you want to rescue them?

Marcori: Nothing on them. I made a promise. Katana picked me up, I pass it on.

--What do you really think of Taro and Rafe being together?

Marcori: Doc says shut up and stay out of the way. Doc's pretty damned smart.

--You're permanently attached to Ben.  What first attracted you to him?  Was he another one of your rescuees?

Marcori: Twink told me he'd fall out an airlock without a keeper, so I picked him up.Then one time I yelled at him, and the man stood toe to toe and yelled back. Not many men'd do that.
Mikey: Not many'd live t'do it again, neither. He's lucky he's pretty.

--Why haven't you settled down?  Why are you still flying with your rather...rambunctious...crew?

Marcori: H-space. Nobody can effing bug me in h-space.

--What was Taro's mother really like?

Marcori: Like him. Only honest.

--One last question: Did you know that this is recording and we're sending a copy of it to Taro?

Marcori: ...did you know I shoot people?

--*eyes Marcori nervously* O-kay.  Thanks for coming, Captain Marcori.  Mikey, I'll leave it to you to get her back to the ship safely.

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