A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
Nature brings magic

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A bite from Fury

There's a blog hop for erotic romance/erotica writers called WIP It Up Wednesday. (At least I think it's only for the writers of those genres.) I thought I'd take the idea and share with you a little snippet of my sci fi story, currently under the title of Fury. It's too short to be a full novel, it comes in at just over 56k words. But I like the story and the characters, and thought I'd share a hint of them with you.

“Fiera, you can't leave,” Niereth said.
“Yes I can,” Fiera said. “You brought me because you knew I'd be able to protect you. You know I can tell which ones are predators, which are prey, and which are in betweens.” She lowered her voice. “Kuen is a predator. That man who just left is a predator. You're very obvious prey.”
“And you? You're one of those in the middle ground?” Niereth asked.
Fiera snorted. “You are an idiot,” she said. “I'm a predator, Ni. They all know it. They're just trying to figure out if I wandered into their territory temporarily, if I'm on my way back out, or if I'm after their prey.” Fiera shook her head. “Stay or go, Ni. I'm out of here.”
Niereth looked around at the party. No one seemed to be paying attention to the two young women. Fiera started towards the door. After a moment, Niereth fell in behind her. “I know better than to stay someplace I'm outclassed, Fury.”
“At least you have some sense,” Fiera said.
They didn't talk again until they were in the auto cab. “Fiera, you say you're a predator but you aren't anything like those others,” Niereth said.
I'm from the colonies, Ni. I'm not going to be like those genetic wastes. I've learned to stand up for myself, my friends, and those who don't have a voice or can't speak up for themselves,” Fiera said. “I don't play their games. I'm another kraken weed in their pool. The longer I stay the more I'm going to attract their attention. Which is something I don't want to do. I'd rather people who aren't such obvious predators or prey do the socializing.”

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