A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
Nature brings magic

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A long hiatus has ended

Hello everyone. I realize I haven't posted here since March. Six months is a fair bit of time to be away from my blog, but I've had things going on that kept me away. Not the least of which is being burnt out on blogging. Not having anything new to say, running out of ideas, feeling like no one ever read my blog. It was very disheartening. Now I feel that I'm ready to start blogging again. So here we are.

The first thing I'd like to update you all on is my living arrangements. The last time I posted I was still living in Boise, a hot and moderately unpleasant desert. Now, I live on the Oregon Coast. I live in a little town that's primarily a cross between a tourist town and a retirement town. It was super busy from around May until around the middle of last month. Oh yeah, we moved to the coast on my birthday of May 11th. That was fun.

Let me back up a little. Last summer, my husband's two business partners moved to the coast. They were hoping to start a business revolving around starting a farm with a varied number of plants they grow. They were able to find some help and got their first plants this spring.

My husband's business partners started working on getting us out here as soon as they could. They wanted Tims to be a part of this. They were looking for a place for us to live. Well, they found one for us. I expected it to take a while and we were trying to save up some money so we could get out here. The money saving part wasn't going well, but we were trying.

Then we got the call that they'd found us a place to live. We needed to get out here as soon as possible. We packed up our belongings into our little truck, leaving a lot of our stuff behind as it wouldn't fit, and left Boise on May 11th. We got up to the coast and Tims immediately got to work. I was a little slower, but I found my place as well in the flow of things.

The house we're living in is amazing. We're living with one of his business partner's parents for now. The house is on ten acres. We're right on the river. I mean it runs right along our property. We have a huge yard for the dogs (my husband's business partners have three ) to run around in. There are fruit trees and blackberry bushes.

We've been able to eat vegetables from our own garden. We have a lot of tomatoes and peppers, as well as a few onions. We even had artichokes that we grew. They were small but very good when we finally got to eat them.

I love it up here. And I love the view. I just drive a few minutes towards town, and this is what I get to see. 

So that is the saga of our move and our current living arrangements. Next post I'll update everyone on my writing progress and goals.

It's so good to be back.

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  1. such a pretty picture :) at least you're in a better place now. hopefully writing starts happening again