A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
Nature brings magic

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Play time is cut short

Athena and Justin have a friendly rivalry. Something new is encroaching on their territory.

The day wore on. Athena dealt with a few more customers, but the shop was quieter than usual. Athena felt a strange energy coming from the front of her shop. She left the counter and walked over to the door. She began swearing. There was a spell cast on her door that would drive off the sensitive. Most of her customers were among the more unusual members of society.
It took Athena fifteen minutes to counter it. A presence nearby moved closer to the shop. Athena kept her powers active but returned to the counter. It didn't take long for someone to walk through her door.
The emanations from this person were overwhelming. Athena brought up her defenses and released her hold on her own energy. “I was hoping for a challenge,” the person said. The voice was such that Athena couldn't tell if it was a man or woman. “I can see I'm going to be disappointed.”
“Don't count on it,” Athena said. “I take it you're thinking to take control of this city?”
“It almost isn't worth the effort,” the being said. “But I must have a new power base and this will do well enough for me.”
“Don't think we'll let you take over our home without a fight,” Athena said.
The entity smiled. What Athena could see of its face looked human but she couldn't be sure. “You can try.” It turned and walked out of her shop.
Athena waited a few minutes before checking her door. There were no further spells cast on it. She went over and picked up her phone. She hit speed dial on a number she only called in times of emergency. “Athena, I'm surprised,” Justin said. “You're not usually calling me.”
“We have a problem, something far larger than our petty squabbles,” Athena said. “I'm calling a meeting of the Circle tonight.”
“I'll be there,” Justin said. “Does it have to do with the spell put on your shop earlier?”
“That's part of it,” Athena said.
“We may have our differences but even I wouldn't do something so low as to cause you that kind of grief,” Justin said.

 “I know,” Athena said. “You and I have a friendly rivalry. This is not that.”


  1. oo what an intriguing excerpt, Annikka! Is this from a short story or a longer work?

    1. It's a short story. I've been thinking about writing another short with Athena and Justin. I'm not sure yet, and they're only mumbling at me at this point. If they get louder I'll probably do something with them.