A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
Nature brings magic

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Why I should never blog while depressed

I had a huge long blog post written out, full of a lot of things that have been depressing me of late.  I previewed it before posting.  I'm glad I did.  You know why?

Because it gave me the chance to delete it.

Yes, I'm depressed a lot of the time.  But none of you need to read something like that.  A lot of it's personal, and there's no need to inflict my personal problems on you guys.

So...instead, here's some things that make me happy.

Cute baby animals
Photo by Essa al Mazrooei 

Evocative art
Picture by Jenny Dolfen

Funny pictures including cute kittens
(Sorry, no credit for this one...I don't even remember where I found it, I think it was on FB somewhere.)

My cat Reidar
Photo taken by me (@annikkawoods)

Catfight by Technoboy
(WARNING - There is swearing in this song)

Never-Ending Story by Within Temptation

Jillian by Within Temptation
(And River Tam from Firefly/Serenity...how awesome is she?!?)

Good friends:

And many, many, many others that I interact with over on Twitter

My husband (who refuses to have his online existence and/or his picture put into my blog)

And, of course, my books and my writing.

So I do have several things that make me happy, and I'm very grateful for those things in my life.

(As for the book reviews I WAS going to do...I left my Kindle at work so the books I was going to review & my notes on them aren't present...presently.  I'll try to resume the book reviews shortly.)

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