A bridge over a beautiful waterfall

A bridge over a beautiful waterfall
Nature brings magic

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday 'fess up...Anni's been BUSY this week

Whew!  Another week over.  Aside from being laid up for a couple days because of vertigo due to my sinus infection, I'm alive and well.  And boy, have I been a BUSY little writer.

First, ONLY A NAME has been revised.  I hit a sticking point with one of my VERY IMPORTANT PLOT DETAILS.  My husband, the wonderful beta reader that he is, read over the first couple chapters for me and pointed out that there are too many golden eyed mages around.  So I had to figure out something else.  What made me happy is he actually helped me come up with the new idea to fix the problem of identifying my mage race.  It's actually going to be easier to identify them - AND much easier for my refugees to hide themselves at first because his new idea can be easily hidden.  At least until they start flinging spells around all the time.  Then it's a little more difficult.

Second, CRACKED WORLD hasn't gotten any love this week.  I've been busy with other stuff so I haven't even looked at it.  I'm faced with the realization that it's going to continue to not see any love from me for a while.  At least until this current binge of revising ONLY A NAME and dealing with a new story that's kind of erupted in my head.

Third, my blog.  My blog is heating up - in more ways than one!  You're all aware of the new warning I've put on it.  That's because apparently my Writing Wednesday post offended someone with the mention of the BDSM lifestyle and the fact that Ashe is a dominatrix with a very Domme personality.  So I got flagged for adult content and was advised I needed to update my blog settings.  So I did.  And realistically, seeing where Ashe's story is going?  It's probably a good idea because I have a distinct feeling she's going to get a lot racier as time goes on.

Fourth, Ashe.  Ashe's story is beginning to take shape.  Using her for my examples for Writing Wednesday is helping me with twisting the story and getting it out of my imagination and into some semblance of written order.  I'm also interested in her story now and will enjoy seeing where it's going to go from here.  I have a feeling this next Writing Wednesday may give my "adult rating" a run for its money.  Nothing graphic, mind you.  I don't DO graphic (at least not yet...LOL) but it probably won't be all sweetness and light either.

Fifth, my short stories.  After making the change in ONLY A NAME I have to go back and edit "The Soldier and the Boy" and "The Pigeon and the Fiddler" because of changing the details.  Not a huge deal, and I need to do another revision on those two anyhow.  I'll probably try to get those done some time in the next couple weeks.  I've also got a few others that I'm going to be revising and getting ready.  I've almost decided to do the anthology self-published through Smashwords or Amazon's e-pub store.  I know, I know.  Self-publishing isn't the best thing for unpublished writers to do.  But I want to see if people will even read my stories.  If I get enough interest, either someone will notice me or I'll at least be able to point out my sales record for my e-book (assuming they're good enough).

Sixth, getting time off from work so I can attend Mayhem in the Grove.  I actually have to be at work for that.  I haven't been at work since...Monday.  When I go back next Wednesday I'll be putting in for those days off.

Seventh, my vlog.  Funny that we should mention my vlog...

Anni's Vlog, Ep. 4

That's it for this week's 'fess up.  Check back in next Sunday for the next round of confessions and confusions!

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